Encyclopedia sources categories a-z top 40 calendar webster    e. Uk e. De e. Nl index agriculture and industry animals and nature architecture and buildings arts business and law earth and environment economy and finance education electronics and engineering film and animation food and drink general general technical and industrial government and organisations health and medicine history and culture hobbies and crafts language and literature legal management mathematics and statistics meteorology and astronomy military and defence music and sound people and society sciences sport and leisure technical and it travel and transportation look up: rachischisis rachischisis 1. Embryologic failure of fusion of vertebral arches and neural tube with consequent exposure of neural tissue at surface; spina bifida cystica with myelocele or myeloschisis. 2. Spinal dysraphism. Origin: g. Rhachis, spine, + schisis, division... (05 mar 2000)... Found op rachischisis (ra-kisâ´kĭ-sis) congenital fissure of the vertebral column; see also spina bifida. viagra overnight shipping Rachischisis posterior spina bifida. ingredients make viagra Found op rachischisis type: term pronunciation: rā-kis′ki-sis definitions: 1. Embryologic failure of fusion of vertebral arches and neural tube with consequent exposure of neural tissue at the surface; spina bifida cystica with myelocele or myeloschisis. how much viagra cost in india 2. purchase generic viagra Spinal dysraphism. discount buy viagra Found op rachischisis rachischisis (greek: "rhachis - á¿¥î¬ï†î¹ï‚" - spine, and "schisis - ïƒï†î¯ïƒî¹ï‚" - split) is a developmental birth defect involving the neural tube. genericviagraonlinebuycheappills.accountant In utero, the neural tube fails to close completely. The anomaly originates as the posterior neuropore fail to close at the end of 27th intrauterine... http://buyviagraonlinediscountcoupons.accountant Found op rachischisis 1) birth defect 2) congenital abnormality 3) congenital anomaly 4) congenital defect 5) congenital disorder 6) schistorrhachis 7) spina bifida found op tip: double click on a word to show its meaning. female viagra nz No exact matches found. Search typ a word and hit `search`. Tools conjugate synonyms google recent searches the most recent searches on encyclo. Between brackets you will find the number of results and number of related results. • acyclania (1)• igaram (1)• intercellular (12)• mcphail test (2)• unit membrane (5)• little pete (1)• pdr meeting (1)• find (17)• chromaturia (3)• k.

Clayton & associates

Technology Consulting Services for the
Photonics and Communications Industries

Clayton & associates provides Technology, Intellectual Property and Market consulting services, specializing in Photonics, Opto-electronics and Optical Communications related technologies.

Our core Technical and Managerial expertise covers Photonic Components, Research and Development, Due Diligence supporting Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property Management, and Global Operations, with special emphasis on Physical Sciences and Early Phase Technology and Application Analysis and Evaluation.

Our clients cover the range from Privately Held Companies and Venture Capital Firms through Large and Small Public Corporations to Universities and Government Institutions.

Our services are available from short term consultations to ongoing projects.

If you have any questions or would like to contact a Clayton & associates representative regarding our services, please e-mail us at  info@clayton-assoc.com, or call us at +1 613 291 6578.



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