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Clayton & associates was founded in 2005 by Rick Clayton, with the goal of providing a service bridging the gap between the Science and Technology Innovators and the Business and Financing Specialists. A particular interest is in providing realistic analysis and evaluation of the innovation capability and potential market opportunities as a pre-qualification step prior to full blown market analysis.


Rick Clayton: Principal Rick Clayton

Rick Clayton has over 30 years experience in advanced technology, predominantly in the optics/photonics, telecommunications, and medical device domains. He has worked for the University of British Columbia, large companies (Bell Northern Research, Nortel, and Bookham), small early phase companies (InVisage, Annidis), as well as operating as a full time consultant.

Rick's technical experience encompasses bulk optic system design and implementation, semiconductor device design and characterization, component packaging, electronic circuit design and analysis, and test and measurement design and implementation (systems and instruments, including electronics, optics and software), and systems engineering. At a higher level, he has extensive experience in telecommunications component design and engineering and is familiar with most aspects of optical networks, and in medical retinal imaging.

His business experience includes group and project management, technology management of a broad range of telecom component related technologies (including strategy development and program oversight, IP management, and product strategy support), university and external R&D management, M&A opportunity evaluation and due diligence, and commercial partnership support.

Rick’s consulting practice focuses on technology and market applications and Intellectual Property management. He is particularly interested in applying systems analysis and cross disciplinary technical synthesis to early phase technologies and market penetration strategy.

Rick is an author on 11 peer reviewed papers and 14 conference and invited presentations and papers, and has granted 5 patents. Additionally he has been a member of 6 industry panels and working groups, and was a Nortel Networks Top Talent recipient in 2000.
Rick has a BASc in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia.

Click here for Rick's CV (pdf)   or   here for a list of Patents & Publications (pdf)

Rick has been privileged to have met and developed close working relationships with a number of high quality professionals with a range of expertise in various disciplines through his career. Many of these colleagues have agreed to collaborate when a project can benefit from their particular expertise.

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